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Thank you for contacting XTO Interest Owner Relations. If emailing us, please include the last 4 digits of the SSN/TIN associated with the account you are inquiring about. This will allow our analysts to assist you in a timely manner. Please do not provide the full SSN/TIN.

Phone: 1-866-886-2613 (Toll-free)
- Press 1: If you are returning a call and know your analyst ID
- Press 2: For additional options
  • Press 1: Questions about royalty checks
  • Press 2: Questions about ownership
  • Press 3: To Reach a specific department
    • Press 1 - Revenue Department
    • Press 2 - Division Order Department
    • Press 3 - JIB Department
Revenue Department
Phone: 1-866-886-2613 (Option 2,3,1)
Address:XTO Energy Inc.
 Attn: Revenue IOR - Loc. 125
 2107 Reasearch Forest Dr
 The Woodlands, Texas 77380
Inquiries:*Question about checks
 *Pricing Inquiry
 *Deductions on checks
 *Direct Deposit
 *Well Status
 *Website Issues
Division Order / Lease Department
Phone: 1-866-886-2613 (Option 2,3,2)
Address:XTO Energy Inc.
 Attn: Division Order IOR
 LOC 116, 22777 Springwoods Village Parkway
 Spring, Texas 77389
Inquiries:*Division Order Papers*Death
 *Transfer of Ownership*Decimal changes
 *Questions about Decimal*W9
 *Change of Address*Beneficiary
 *Land surface issues*IRS Levy
 *Unclaimed properties*SSN incorrect
 *Ownership changes*Lease Questions
 *Owner wants to Sell*Name Misspelled
 *Survey companies*Annual payment
 *County tax questions
 *Shut-in, bonus or sign-on payments
Joint Interest Billing Department
Phone: 1-866-886-2613 (Option 4)
Address:XTO Energy Inc.
 PO BOX 840791
 Dallas, TX 75284-0791
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