Royalty Interest Owner Relations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I receive my check?
Monthly checks for both oil and gas revenues are normally mailed by the 25th to the 27th day of the month. If you have not received your check by the 15th of the next month, please call Owner Relations at 469.444.1294.
How do I change my address?
Please notify Montage Resources promptly of any change in your mailing address. This notice must be in writing with your signature or the signature of your appointed agent. Please include your owner number, old address and new address, including the zip code. For your protection, address changes will not be accepted by telephone. Please mail changes to:
Montage Resources Corporation
Land Administration Department
122 W. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 300
Irving, TX 75039
or you can email these changes to our Land Administration Department at
What is the purpose of my "Owner Number?"
You have been assigned an exclusive owner number to distinguish you from Montage's other interest owners. When communicating with Montage, please include your owner number.
Why have I not received my check?
The most common reason is because your account has not reached your minimum pay status. Montage Resources remits revenue to you once your balance exceeds $50. Amounts over $10, but under your minimum pay amount, are paid annually in October.

Occasionally, payments are held due to matters which create uncertainty as to ownership, such as a notice of death, change of address, transfer of property, assignment of interest or legal dispute. Payments due are accumulated and released when the matter affecting ownership has been resolved. Inquiries regarding suspense balances must be communicated in writing to our Division Order Department.
What are "Stale dated" Checks?
Our revenue checks are not negotiable after 120 days. If you did not deposit your check within that time frame, we must void/re-issue the check. Please return the check to our Revenue Department and we will take the necessary steps to include this amount (with full detail) on your next revenue check.
Why is backup withholding deducted from my revenue check?
A valid Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number must be provided to Montage Resources for reporting and identification purposes. If it is not, the Internal Revenue Service requires withholding of 28 percent of all revenues (30% for foreign residents) until the information is provided. Some states also require withholding for individuals who live outside the state where the well is drilled/producing.
How do I transfer my interest to my children?
In order to change the payee on our records, you must change the record title of the owner. If the interest type is a royalty or mineral interest, you need to file a deed from yourself to the new owners in the records of the county in which the interest being conveyed is located. Then, submit the recorded deed to Montage Resources. Montage will not change a payee without verifying a change in the legal title. Montage does not furnish deed forms or assist in the drawing up of such conveyances. If you need help, you can employ an attorney familiar with oil and gas law.
What happens if I change my marital status?
Changes must be received in writing. Please send changes to:
Montage Resources Corporation
Land Administration Department
122 W. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 300
Irving, TX 75039
Include your new address (if applicable), and signature. Please include your owner number and social security number for verification. Please send a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree or other legal documents to update your name.
My spouse passed away. Can you tell me what to do?
Obtain legal counsel.
I need a copy of my 1099. Will we have access to this information?
1099 file to be provided to Oildex and obtained via website.
I need to speak to someone about my JIB. Who do I contact?
JIB Administration,
I want to sell my mineral interest. Who do I speak to?
Land Administration,
I want to lease my mineral interest. Who do I speak to?
Land Administration,
Why is my check less this month than last month?
Many factors contribute to your payment, including: market conditions, regulatory or contractual changes, diminished production, seasonal conditions, and downtime.
Do I have to give you my SSN or TIN?
How do I change my Social Security or Tax ID number on file?
Submit a new IRS Form W-9.
What should I do if my check is lost, stolen or older than the 120 days listed on the check?
Request void and reissue, check will be voided once reached 120 days.
How do I report a change of ownership as a result of death?
Submit ownership change form and consult legal counsel.
How do I report a change of ownership other than death?
Submit ownership change form and consult legal counsel.
Can I request payments for amounts less than the $100 minimum suspense level?
I inherited the same interest as a family member. We received our latest revenue checks and the amount of their check is larger than mine. Why?
This occurs because ownership between family members is not equal, because one party has not provided Montage Resources with a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN, or social security number), leasing clauses, or because some family members may own an interest in other properties in addition to those commonly owned.
What are the deductions on my check?
The deductions are usually transportation or gathering charges. Montage Resources will address case-by-case as needed.
How do I find unclaimed funds in my name?
Please visit the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrator' (NAUPA) website at to locate and collect unclaimed funds in your name.
How do I access my check information on line?