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Important Notice Regarding Revenue Check Detail, Payout Statements, and 2021 Tax Statements

Enverus, the owner of Oildex, has decided to retire this service and move all their services to EnergyLink. Therefore, EnergyLink will soon be your single source of access for electronic revenue data from Hess. We would like to encourage owners to move to EnergyLink in preparation for our transition to host revenue check detail exclusively on EnergyLink.

Effective October 2022, our electronic revenue check detail will only be accessible from the EnergyLink platform. All owners, not already registered, will need to register for this upcoming transition to exclusively host our data on EnergyLink. Revenue payment detail going back to May 2017 is currently available on the EnergyLink platform on a rolling basis; however, payment detail prior to that date will not be loaded. You can still access your historical revenue check and payout detail through the Oildex website through December 31, 2022. After that time, the website will no longer be available. EnergyLink has advised that PDF copies of statements will continue to be free, and they will also offer the option to download revenue details into excel for a fee, which can be paid for by credit card.

New Payout Statements, beginning with July 2022, are now only available on EnergyLink.

2021 Tax Statements (1099s) are now only available on EnergyLink.

If you are already registered to EnergyLink, you should already see your check detail statements, JIBs, and 1099s automatically under your login. If you do not see it in your EnergyLink account or have not registered for EnergyLink, you can Self Register with your recent payment information. Or you may utilize your login to Oildex and you will see a way to Express Register once logged in to Oildex. If you have any issues registering, please contact the EnergyLink Support team.

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If you have not received a letter containing your login and password information, please contact Enverus.

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