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Attention Carrizo Owners:

Owners receiving revenue payments via ACH can view and download revenue detail statements from this website for April 2020 statements.

Owners receiving revenue payments via paper check can view and download revenue detail statements on EnergyLink.

Beginning with the May 2020 check run, all revenue detail statements, checks and ACH, will be available on EnergyLink.

If you are registered with EnergyLink, you should see your check detail statements automatically under your login. If you do not see it in your EnergyLink account or you have never used EnergyLink, you have a few options to view your check detail.
  1. Go to EnergyLink and click New to EnergyLink? Sign Up Here. You will need recent payment information to complete registration.
  2. You may also be receiving a registration letter via email. If you have not registered by the time you receive the letter, you can use the information provided to activate your account.
  3. Contact EnergyLink Support team https://www.energylink.com/contact or by email help@energylink.com
This website is for Revenue data only. If you are looking for Production data please click here.

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If you have not received a letter containing your login and password information, please contact Oildex for registration assistance. 1-855-301-5241

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