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Owner Relations Login

If you are attempting to view historical BHP owner Information dating prior to 10/15/2019, CLICK HERE to navigate to the BHP Owner Relations site.

Attention Interest Owners:

Check detail related to revenue previously disbursed by subsidiary companies of BHP Billiton Petroleum (North America) Inc. (“BHP”) may be viewed by clicking here. This link will continue to be available to you for viewing historical check detail. Beginning in October, BPX Energy (“BPX”) will disburse this revenue, and check details may be accessed by logging in below. Please note that your Oildex login credentials are the same for each site, but you will receive a new BPX owner number.

Prior to disbursement by BPX, we encourage you to:

  1. Regularly visit this site for updated information regarding your interests;
  2. Update your address by clicking Change of Address tab; and
  3. Sign up for direct deposit by clicking Direct Deposit Enrollment tab.

Billing: Beginning in August, Joint Interest Billing statements will be available through BPX's site. Historical JIB statements may continue to be accessed through BHP's site.

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If you have not received a letter containing your login and password information, please contact Oildex for registration assistance. 1-855-301-5241

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